Wellness and Lifestyle Influencer

With her curator spirit, Chantalynn is always seeking out the best in all things Health, Wellness, and make it all FUN!

Transformational Coach

See the Magic that is present all around us and most importantly inside of us. Having the right relationship is everything and it starts with the relationship with self. How you do anything is how you do everything!


Wouldn’t we all love to be well compensated to be who we are and not just for what we do?

Holistic Community Builder

Grass roots movements are on the rise! Together we can move mountains. Chantalynn is passionate about having authentic connections that uplift and take us all to the next level!


Speaking: I am available to speak on many inspirational topics regarding Gratitude, Love, and How to live a Magical Life!
Styling: I help clients show up in a way that attract the things and people they want and at the same time be at their most relaxed selves.
Coaching: I am available for unconditional Love and Support. Every one of us deserves this! Even Now!
Nail styling: I use only the finest and most eco-conscious nail polishes and products.
Event Producer: I produce a lot of Wellness events as well as Sustainable Fashion shows.

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What Makes Your ❤️ Sing?!

It is not only about thinking happy thoughts…

When we are in complete alignment with what is going on in our lives, we experience fulfillment. It is not a thought process. It is more of an involuntary reflex. It is a natural primal response. The brain is not telling us to be happy. We would simply Be Happy.